They Don't Make Hardware Like They Used To: A Love Letter to Vintage Bag bling

They Don't Make Hardware Like They Used To: A Love Letter to Vintage Bag bling

Remember that feeling of holding a gorgeous vintage bag? The leather might whisper stories of decades past, but it's the hardware that truly sings. There's a certain weight, a richness, a depth of color that modern bags often lack. Let's delve into the world of yesteryear's bag bling and explore why vintage reigns supreme.

A Golden Oldie: Chanel's Classic Flap

Take the iconic Chanel Classic Flap. Vintage models, pre-2008, boasted hardware luxuriously plated with 24k gold. This wasn't just about aesthetics; the thicker plating offered superior resistance to tarnishing. The result? A bag that aged beautifully, developing a warmer, richer gold tone over time. A true testament to quality craftsmanship.

1996 Chanel 24k Gold Plated Hardware (above)


2019 Chanel with Gold-tone Hardware (above)

Fast forward to modern Chanels, and the story changes. The shift to a less expensive gold-toned plating makes the hardware more susceptible to scratches and discoloration. The once vibrant gold gives way to a dull brassiness, a stark contrast to the timeless elegance of the vintage piece.

Christian Dior: A Fading Beauty

1999 Lady Dior in red textile (top), 2019 Lady Dior in gold leather (bottom)

The tale isn't unique to Chanel. Look at Dior's Lady Dior. Vintage iterations boasted a gloriously yellow gold hardware that seemed to defy time. While there's no confirmation of 24k gold plating, the richness of the color and its resilience to tarnishing suggest a superior quality long lost. Modern Lady Diors, with their lighter gold hardware, are prone to losing their color, revealing the silver coloured hardware underneath a few years.

1999 Lady Dior with Yellow Gold-tone Hardware (above)


2019 Lady Dior with Yellow-tone Hardware (above)

It's Not Just About Nostalgia

This isn't just about romanticizing the past. Vintage hardware reflects a commitment to quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. The weight of the metal, the thickness of the plating – these all contribute to a feeling of solidity and luxury that's often missing in modern bags.

The Future of Bag Bling?

While some modern brands are striving to recapture the magic of vintage hardware, the industry often prioritizes affordability and lightweight materials. But for those seeking a bag that transcends trends and becomes a cherished heirloom, the allure of vintage hardware remains undeniable. So next time you browse for a bag, take a closer look at the hardware. It might just tell you a story about quality, craftsmanship, and a time when beauty was built to last.

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