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Lady Dior 4 Sizes In-depth Comparison


Introduction and Design Overview

If you're contemplating the purchase of one of these iconic bags, choosing the right size can be a daunting task. Well, I've got you covered. Today, we have all four sizes right here for an in-depth comparison: the Mini Lady Dior, the Small (also known as the My ABC Lady Dior), the Medium, and the Large.

lady dior 4 sizes side by side

Now, before we jump into the details, let's take a moment to understand the evolution of Lady Dior handbags. Originally introduced in 1995, they initially came in only medium and large sizes. Over the years, Dior expanded the range to include the small, mini, and even the micro Lady Dior. We'll touch on this later, but keep in mind that the rarity of the smaller sizes can make them a bit pricier on the second-hand market.


Design and Size Overview

All four sizes of Lady Dior handbags share the same iconic design - a structured, boxy shape with two top handles. They're unmistakably elegant. However, there are key differences in their sizes and proportions. The large Lady Dior has a rectangular shape with seven squares on the side, while the medium is slightly smaller with five squares. The small Lady Dior is more compact at 20x17 cm, and the mini Lady Dior is even smaller at 17x15 cm.

lady dior 4 sizes dimensions

One distinctive feature is the "A-line" shape on the sides of these bags. The medium-sized Lady Dior has the most pronounced A-line shape, making it ideal for hand or crook-of-the-arm carrying. On the other hand, the small Lady Dior is designed for crossbody wear, thanks to its personalized strap.


myabc dior strap

Zip vs. Flap Openings and Lining

There's also the matter of openings. Historically, medium and large Lady Dior bags had zip openings, which some find more secure. However, Dior introduced flat openings for medium and large sizes in 2022, making them more user-friendly. The small and mini sizes still have flap openings, which are easy to access.


 lady dior zip     lady dior flap opening
Photo 1: Zip opening of Lady Dior bag; Photo 2 Flap opening of MyAbc Dior


In terms of lining, the medium and large Lady Dior bags now feature suede interiors, adding a touch of luxury. The smaller sizes have fabric linings but are compatible with organizers to help maintain their structure.

lady dior suede lining


Weight and Capacity

Now, let's talk weight and what fits inside. Lady Dior handbags aren't the lightest, with large bags weighing around 700-800 grams, medium-sized around 700 grams, small around 500 grams, and the mini at approximately 300 grams. The mini Lady Dior is perfect for essentials like an iPhone 13 and keys, thanks to its practical, boxy shape. The small size is versatile and can fit a bit more, making it suitable for work. In fact, Princess Diana herself favored this size. The medium Lady Dior is great for those who appreciate a classic size, while the large size is perfect for those who need more room.


Color, Material, and Price

Keep in mind that all sizes come in the same materials and colors, so your choice boils down to size and personal preference. Speaking of price, Lady Dior bags have seen price increases recently, but they're still a valuable investment. Consider exploring the second-hand market, where you can find great deals on well-maintained bags.


lady dior 4 sizes price on retail and resale market

Conclusion and Recommendations

In conclusion, Lady Dior handbags, regardless of size, are timeless and elegant pieces. Your choice should align with your lifestyle and needs. If you're looking for versatility, the small or mini size is a fantastic option. For a classic and iconic choice, the medium size is hard to beat. And for those who require ample space, the large size is a practical choice.


Remember, regardless of the size you choose, a Lady Dior handbag is an investment that will serve you well for years to come. It's a piece that elevates any outfit and never goes out of style.


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