chanel serial number and year table

YES Chanel can be authenticated without a Serial Number Sticker

It's undeniable that Chanel stands as one of the most highly sought-after designer handbag brands. For those seeking a valuable Chanel investment piece, the resale market proves to be an excellent destination. The year of production plays a significant role in determining the resale price, and fortunately, Chanel's serial numbers offer insight into a bag's manufacturing year. Below, we've compiled a helpful chart detailing the Chanel serial number format and its corresponding production years, so you could check your Chanel Serial number to find out which year it is manufactured. 

Note that after 2021, Chanel replaced its serial number system with a microchip.


chanel serial number code and year table
Chanel serial numbers are typically located inside the main pocket, usually at the bottom corner. It's important to note that these serial numbers are not printed but are rather affixed as stickers, which means they can wear off with regular use. In fact, it's quite common to find Chanel bags in the resale market without the sticker, and these often command lower prices compared to those with intact serial number stickers.

However, the presence or absence of the serial number sticker is not the sole criterion for authenticating a Chanel bag. There are several other key elements that authenticators examine during the authentication process. These include:

1. Printed CHANEL Logo: The quality and accuracy of the CHANEL logo on the bag's interior lining or hardware.
Chanel logo Deauville Tote
Chanel Logo on Deauville Tote
Chanel logo WOC
Chanel Logo on Wallet on Chain

2. MADE IN Logo: The authenticity of the "MADE IN" logo, which indicates the bag's place of manufacture.
Chanel made in france

3. Engraved Hardware: Examination of the bag's hardware, including the precision of the engraving on zippers, clasps, and other metal components.
chanel engraved hardware     chanel engraved hardware

4. Leather Material: Assessment of the leather material, including its texture, color, and overall quality.

5. Microscopic Views with AI Technology: The use of advanced technology, such as AI, to scrutinize microscopic details and patterns in the leather and stitching, which can reveal authenticity.

6. Stitching: Careful inspection of the stitching quality, including the stitching pattern and alignment.
Chanel cannage stitching

If you come across a Chanel bag that lacks the serial number sticker but comes with a guarantee of authenticity from the seller or has been authenticated by a reputable service like Entrupy, it can indeed be a fantastic opportunity to secure a Chanel bag at a bargain price. The combination of these authentication methods ensures that buyers can confidently purchase Chanel bags even without the serial number sticker intact. However, it's crucial to verify the credentials of the authenticator or service to ensure a legitimate and reliable assessment.
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I purchased chanel bag on a surplus…the bag has no " chanel" engrave on the lock…is this bag is authentic..the lock has M10 engrave a little on the side of gold hardware lock.(.2.55 blue bag quilt jersey)

Mary Ann

Hi Pareen, you could authenticate this bag with any resale shop in your city. You can also use email authentication with the likes of Authenticate First, and Real Authentication.


I purchased a preowned channel bag from Japan and it has printed Channel R and also says it is made in France. How do I authenticate this bag. With thanks.

Pareen Damji

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