Decoding Chanel Gabrielle Price on Secondhand Market - Size, Material, Color

Decoding Chanel Gabrielle Price on Secondhand Market - Size, Material, Color

The Chanel Gabrielle bag was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and launched in 2016. It has a unique design that departs from the classic Chanel aesthetic. Some reviewers found it to be too casual and lacking the elegance of other Chanel bags. 

For the very same reason, I adore this bag. Not a Chanel classic flap fan myself, I always find the usual aesthetic too stodgy and uninspiring. I like wearing things that are different, with a bit of character, even better if it's controversial. The Gabrielle is exactly the bag for me – it's not for everyone, but for those who get it, high five!


Discontinuation and Price Drop

In early 2023 Chanel decided to discontinue the line. Because of its dwindling popularity, the prices on the second-hand market have plummeted since its release. The small Chanel Gabrielle used to retail for around $5,000 USD. Second-hand sellers list prices anywhere from $2,500 to $4,800 USD, depending on the material, color, and condition.

Resale Price 

Compared to the more popular models like Classic Flap, Boy, 19 Bag, and 22 Bag, Gabrielle currently has a much lower price point. Here are some tips for you to consider when making a purchase decision. 

We've gathered data from Vestiaire Collective on the 144 Chanel Gabrielle bags sold over a 6 months period up to April 2024

  • Size: The smaller the size, the more expensive the bag. The average price of a medium size Gabrielle bag sold is US $2,673 and slightly higher for size small at US $2,851. 


  • Material: Two most commonly used material are leather and tweed. Leather is more expensive than tweed. The average price of a leather Gabrielle bag is US $2,744, and slightly cheaper for tweed at US $2,544. 

Below table is the price by material and size. 

 USD Small Medium
Leather $2,851 $2,673
Tweed $2,182 $2,621
  • Color: Black and Navy are the two most popular colors demanding the highest price point around the US $3,000 mark. If you fancy adding a pop of color to your wardrobe, you could be in for a good deal. 



Will the price remain stable?

If you can find a Gabrielle bag in leather and in very good condition below $3,000, that's a bargain, and the price likely won't drop too much below that in the near term. But with newer designs being released each season and new "IT" bags surfacing (for example, the latest cult favorites are the 19 bag and the 22 bag following that), the price could drop even more in the next 3-5 years. Will it make a comeback like the Gucci Jackie 19, Bamboo 1947, and Horsebit and drive up the resale prices? Only time will tell.

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