Size Guide: Goyard Saint Louis Tote-Luxbags

Size Guide: Goyard Saint Louis Tote

 Goyard's Saint Louis tote has been a coveted fashion item for its elegance, simplicity, and incredible durability. This iconic tote is perfect for everyday use, travel, and everything in between. When choosing your own Saint Louis, you'll have two main size options:

Goyard two size comparison
Goyard Saint Louis Tote (PM Left; GM Right)


Goyard Saint Louis Tote Sizes Dimensions (cm):  

Size  Height Base Width Depth Handle Drop Goyard Price

Resale Price


28 33 14 18 $1,690 $1,480
GM 33 39 18 20 $1,890 $1,580
The Saint Louis PM (Petite Modèle)
Dimensions: Approximately 27 cm H x 34 cm W x 15 cm D
Handle drop lengthApproximately 18 cm (7 inches).
Ideal for: Everyday errands, carrying essentials, and anyone who prefers a slightly smaller, but still roomy tote.


The Saint Louis GM (Grand Modèle)
goyard gm dimensions
Dimensions: Approximately 32 cm H x 39 cm W x 18 cm D
Handle drop length: Approximately 20 cm (7.75 inches)
Ideal for: Travel, beach days, carrying a laptop or work essentials, and those who need substantial carrying space. 
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