How to read Goyard serial number

How to Read Goyard Serial Number - Goyard Authentication

Goyard Serial Number is one thing that you should check when determining the authenticity of your Goyard bag. However having a serial number doesn't guarantee the bag's authenticity. In this article we explain what it means and where to find it. 

What is Goyard Serial Number

Goyard serial number is a sequence of digits and letters hidden inside the purse. They represent information on when an item was made. 

What do they look like and how to read them

Goyard serial number is a combination of digits and letters. Here is the order and they are joined by space:

  • 3 letters
  • 6 numbers

How to read Goyard Serial Number

  • The three letters are Goyard code, the meaning of which is not clear. The list of available codes include: BAE - MAE - PIR - AAS - ARO - BAL - ABA - ADM - SUT - VAE - SAL. One guesses it could be the place of manufacture. 
  • The 6 numbers followed indicate the month and the year when the bag was made. The first and last number together indicate the month of production. And the middle four numbers indicate the year. 

In the example above, SUT 120162 means the bag was made in December of  2016.

Where are the Goyard Serial Numbers Located

Saint Louis Tote, Anjou Tote, Hobo

Look for the serial number embossed on the leather strap connecting the pouch to the tote 

    • If there is no pouch, look for it in the interior of the bag.


The serial number of Goyard Artois is at the back of the leather tap inside the interior pocket. 


The serial number of Saigon is usually printed on the interior leather either in the small pocket, or near the seams or the edge. It may be difficult to see sometimes if the imprints have become shallow. 

Remember having a serial number does not guarantee the authenticity of a Goyard bag. For more tips on how to authenticate a Goyard bag, read our post on authentication tips below. Remember when in doubt, always consult an expert, and always buy from a reputable reseller or a marketplace with authenticity guarantee. 

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