Fendi baguette purple sequins

A bag that needs no introduction: the "Sex and the City" Fendi Purple Glitter Baguette

 I recently got my hands on the most coveted Fendi baguette of all time - the one and only, Sex and the City bag! 

First of all, can we just talk about how lucky I am to own this bag? The original retail price of this bag was 3200 EUR, but on the second-hand market, it can sell for anywhere between 5000 to 6000 EUR!

Now, let's dive into the specifics of the bag. The Sex and the City bag became so popular because of the episode where Carrie Bradshaw was mugged and famously said, "It's not a bag, it's a baguette." (Screenshot of the scene below) But it's not just the hype - this bag is a true work of art.


The color is just breathtaking - it's a gorgeous shade of purple with a strong blue undertone. It's a statement piece that can elevate any outfit. I think the color is actually really easy to match. It goes well with any neutral color outfits. And blue/purple also goes well with green and orange.

The sequins are so intricate and beautifully crafted. They come in different shapes - square, rectangle, and round, and the different shapes give the bag an amazing variation of sparkle. The FF buckle also has a starry sparkly detail, making the bag even more luxurious.

And let's not forget that the entire bag is made of leather, making it durable and long-lasting.

Now, let's take a peek inside the bag. It has a magnetic closure, which always makes me a little nervous when I'm opening it. But the flap is lined with soft leather, and the interior is a beautiful combination of yellow silk and leather.

The bag also has an inner pocket, where you can find the serial number and the RFID tag. That's right - all new Fendi Baguette bags have an RFID tag, which allows Fendi to ID every single bag. How cool is that?

Now, let's talk about the straps. The bag has two straps - one short strap for carrying it by hand or on the arm, and a longer one for carrying it on the shoulder or across the body. But here's an interesting fact - the new Fendi Baguette models are bigger and have a different strap placement than the vintage models. While the vintage models placed the bag right under the armpit when carried on the shoulder, the new models have a longer strap that places the bag lower on the body. The new models also have a gold-tone metal buckle with the FF logo on it, whereas the vintage models had the FF logo embossed onto the leather.


The price has gone up since its fateful appearance on Sex and the City. As I mentioned earlier, the original retail price of this bag was 3200 euros, but it now sells for much more on the second-hand market due to its popularity and rarity. 5 of the same model have been sold on Vestiaire since December 2022, and the price just keeps going up. The final sales price of the most recent one is a whooping $7347. This bag will probably generate more returns than my stocks at the moment.

price increase of Fendi Baguette purple sequins handbag sex and the city bag carrier bradshaw

In conclusion, the Fendi Baguette in purple sequins is a truly iconic and timeless piece that has been loved and coveted by fashion enthusiasts for decades. From its eye-catching color and exquisite sequin detailing to its versatility and rarity, this bag is truly a collector's item. Whether you're a fan of Sex and the City or simply a lover of luxury fashion, the Fendi Baguette in purple sequins is definitely a fantastic addition to your collection.

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