Gucci Jackie 1961 Face-Off: 2024 vs. 2020

Gucci Jackie 1961 Face-Off: 2024 vs. 2020

Hey fashion fans! The iconic Gucci Jackie 1961 bag is back in the spotlight, and it's hotter than ever. This timeless piece, originally designed in the 1950s, rose to fame thanks to its association with the legendary Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Over the years, the Jackie has undergone subtle transformations, reflecting the changing tides of fashion. But 2024 marks a major revival, with celebrities like Dakota Johnson rocking the bag and reigniting its status symbol status. So, grab a cappuccino, settle in, and let's dive into the the key style revamps the 2024 re-issue has undergone, detailing the differences between the 2020 Jackie 1961, and the 2024 version, in terms of overall design, leather, hardware, and strap. 

First Things First: The Dust Bag

The first difference you might notice is the dust bag. The 2024 version comes in a new Ancora red nylon material, which is a bit of a switch from the classic canvas with the Gucci print. The red is Gucci signature color of the season, and definitely eye-catching, but some might find the nylon a tad less luxurious than the previous design (including myself). It certainly is a downgrade from satin and canvas to nylon. I particularly liked the Gucci Logo print on the canvas dust bag (left photo below). 

Older Versions of Gucci Dust bag made of (left: canvas; right: silk satin)

2024 New Version of Gucci Dust Bag in Burgundy Nylon. 

Design and Hardware

Overall, the bags themselves look quite similar. They're both the same small size and have the same basic shape. There are a few tweaks in the hardware, though. The biggest change is the clasp closure on the 2024 Jackie, which replaces the older piston lock. I find the new clasp less inspiring, reminding me of Rebecca Minkoff. It doesn't give off the Luxury look as the piston lock. And it is silver or light gold tone instead of the warmer gold tone of the 2020 version.


2020 Version Gucci Jackie with Piston Lock in Gold-color

2024 Version Gucci Jackie with Clasp Lock in Light Gold

Leather and Lining

The feel of the leather is different between the two versions as well. The 2020 Jackie has a shinier, more structured leather, while the 2024 version has two types of leather: one softer leather with a matte finish, and second a patent leather in wrinkled look. The lining has also been revamped. The 2020 Jackie has a nude suede lining, whereas the 2024 version boasts a bold Ancora red leather lining.

I welcomed the softer leather because the previous stiff leather restricts the capacity of the bag. With the introduction of a softer leather, it has more give and can fit more belongings in. And the patent leather? Oh yea! My favorite so far! 

Although the previous suede lining feels more luxurious, it can be stained easily and incredibly difficult to clean. A leather interior is a major upgrade on the maintenance side. 

  • Leather

2020 Version Gucci Jackie in Shiny Structured Leather

Gucci Jackie 1961 Small Black Leather Shoulder Bag Clasp S24-Luxbags

2024 Version Gucci Jackie in Softer Matte Leather

2024 Version Gucci Jackie in Wrinkled-effect Patent Leather

  • Lining

2020 Version Gucci Jackie with Nude Suede Lining

2024 Version Gucci Jackie with Ancora Red Leather Lining

Strap Showdown

Finally, the strap has been changed from leather in the 2020 version to a canvas material in 2024. Thankfully, the overall design remains consistent, with the buckle on one end and a leather section on the other.

From leather to canvas, it sure feels a bit of a downgrade, but it may appeal to some people who love the Gucci signature web pattern or the comfort a canvas strap provides.

The chain strap is a welcome addition, however instead of switching the leather strap to chain, it is affixed to the mini size permanently, robbing the option to carry the bag by hand. That's a crime right there! 

I wish Gucci gives the option for people to opt for the different designs of straps. 

2020 Gucci Jackie 1961 Leather Strap

2024 Gucci Jackie 1961 Canvas Web Strap

2024 Gucci Jackie 1961 Mini Chain Strap


The 2024 Gucci Jackie 1961 offers a modernized take on the classic bag, with a softer leather option, a trendy wrinkled-effect patent leather, and a bold red lining. While some might miss the elegance of the older piston lock and leather strap, the new clasp and canvas option provide a touch of contemporary flair.

Verdict, which Jackie is the winner?

Given the high price of the 2024 release, I would go for the 2020 issue of the Gucci Jackie 1961 on resale market any time of the day. In the long run, will the 2024 reissue stand the test of time and become a more popular version or will the price drop to the same level as the 2020 version. Only time will tell, but I put my money on the 2020 version for it has the look of a "superior" leather and a better lock. 

Let me know in the comments below which Jackie you prefer, the 2024 or the 2020 version.

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