Fendi Handbag Authentication: Tag, Serial Number and Hardware

Fendi Handbag Authentication: Tag, Serial Number and Hardware

Spot the Real Deal: A Guide to Fendi Handbag Authentication

Vintage Fendi Baguette in Zucca Print.
A highly sought-after classic piece in vintage rival trend

Fendi handbags are coveted for their luxury and style. But with such high demand comes the unfortunate reality of fakes. So, how can you tell if the Fendi you're eyeing is the real deal? Don't worry, fashion fans! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to authenticate your Fendi handbag with confidence.

Inspecting the Inside:

    • Leather Tag: Look for a leather tag with "Fendi," "Fendi Roma," or "Fendi Made in Italy" embossed clearly. In more recent issues, if it's Baguette Bag it will have the word "BAGUETTE" on the logo, otherwise it's just "FENDI MADE IN ITALY". 

Different Types of Fendi Logo Tag (Top 2 are vintage, others are recent)



A more recent reissue of Fendi Baguette is bigger and comes with a crossbody strap. The straps are removable by hooks rather than buckles 




    • Serial Number: Most Fendi bags made after the 1980s have a serial number (15-17 digits) on a leather tag or embossed on the interior. This number should match the one on the authenticity card (if included). 
      • Older models' serial numbers are printed on the interior zip pocket which may become unclear.  


      • Newer models' serial numbers are printed on a rectangular leather tag. 

    • Hologram or RFID Tag: Since 2004, Fendi has used authentication measures like a holographic sticker with a serial number or an RFID tag containing production information.



Scrutinize the Stitching and Craftsmanship:


    • Flawless Stitching: Authentic Fendi bags boast impeccable stitching – even, straight lines with consistent spacing.
    • Material Quality: Fendi uses high-quality leather that feels smooth and supple. Avoid bags with uneven textures, chemical smells, or loose threads.

Hardware Tells the Tale:

    • Weighty and Shiny: Fendi hardware is typically heavy-duty nickel, brass, or nickel plating, with a gleaming finish. Logos should be crisp and well-defined. The FF front buckle's weight gives the baguette its signature drape look - when closed the middle is slightly lower than the sides. A cheap light replica hardware will not give rise to the same look.
      • FF Details: Fendi handbags usually come with plenty of engraved hardwares. The iconic FF logo should be perfectly mirrored, not flipped. Look for engravings on zippers, clasps, and other hardware elements.
        • Main logo

        • Back of the front FF buckle. It usually says "FENDI" and sometimes there is also "MADE IN ITALY"

        • Magnetic clasp

        • Strap buckle

        • Zipper


    Beyond the Bag:

      • Receipt and Authenticity Card: While not a guarantee of authenticity, receipts and authenticity cards can add credibility, especially for pre-owned bags.

      • Seller Reputation: When buying pre-owned, choose reputable sellers with a history of positive reviews and authentication expertise.

    The Final Step: Professional Authentication

    For ultimate peace of mind, consider sending your bag to a professional authentication service. These companies have trained experts who can meticulously examine your bag and provide a definitive answer on its authenticity.

    By following these tips and staying vigilant, you'll be well on your way to owning a genuine piece of Fendi luxury.Remember, a little detective work can save you from a big counterfeit headache!

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