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How to Read Bottega Veneta Serial Number Tag

Have you ever admired a Bottega Veneta bag and wondered when it was crafted? While the brand keeps the exact meaning of their serial numbers a secret, this guide will help you decipher clues hidden within the tag itself.


Identifying the Tag:

Imagine a tiny flag tucked inside your Bottega Veneta bag. That's the serial number tag! Here's what it looks like:

  • Shape: A narrow rectangle, similar to a price tag (approx. 1.5" x 0.5").
  • Material: Lightweight, paper-like fabric.
  • Color: Typically a neutral shade like white or cream.
  • Design:
    • One side of the tag is printed with the Bottega Veneta logo and has the words "MADE IN ITALY" underneath.
    • The reverse side of the tag (all tags) is printed with 2 or 3 lines text in a clear block font. .
      Line one is: "ORIGINALITY CERTIFIED"
      Line two or Line two and three is the serial number.
  • Finishing Touch: Raw, unfinished edges for a subtle look.
  • Position: The tag is sewn into the lining or into a pocket of the bag. Sometimes it is difficult to find.
Front side of Serial Tag
Reverse side of serial number tag 



Decoding the Code (Pre-2010):

For bags released before 2010, the tag offered a more detailed breakdown:

Two Lines:

  • Line 1: Style number, leather code, and color code.
  • Line 2: "EPEV" followed by the year of manufacture and lot number.



Our red Veneta bag (pictured) reveals a 2009 manufacturing year based on its two-line code. This format is most common for pre-2010 Bottega Veneta bags on the secondhand market.

bottega veneta large red
Bottega Veneta Large Red Veneta Bag
Two-line serial number of Bottega Veneta Large Red Veneta Bag

Most handbags of this era circulating the secondhand market are dated between  2008-2010. If you encounter a post-2010 two-line code, please contact us to update this information! 

Decoding the Code (Post-2010):

Around 2010, the format changed to a single-line code, with the specific meaning remaining a secret. However, the color offers a clue:

  • Blue: Predates the black code and might indicate an earlier production date.

Example Blue Tag: 

This beautiful red Bottega Veneta hobo bag is a Tomas Maier era design because the handle does not have intrecciato weave on top. This bag is manufactured before 2018. 

Bottega Veneta Red Hobo (above)

Blue Serial Number of Bottega Venata Red Hobo (above)


Example Black Tag: 

This silver Padded Cassette is post 2019 as this model is released in 2019

Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag Silver (Above)

Black Serial Number of the Padded Cassette (above)


A Timeless Investment:

Regardless of the year your Bottega Veneta bag was crafted, you can be confident it embodies superior quality and timeless design.


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