Bottega veneta colors and serial number

Decoding Bottega Veneta Colors: Names, Serial Number Codes and Photo Illustration

The Importance of Color When Choosing a Bottega Veneta Bag

Owning a Bottega Veneta bag is a timeless investment. But with a vast array of colors to choose from, finding the perfect shade to match your style can be overwhelming. Not to mention, deciphering pre-2010 serial numbers to ensure authenticity adds another layer of complexity. This guide is here to help! We'll break down the importance of color selection for Bottega Veneta bags, introduce our ongoing project to create a comprehensive Bottega Veneta color encyclopedia, and finally, unveil the secrets behind deciphering pre-2010 Bottega Veneta serial numbers. 

The list groups the colors by category of the classic rainbow colors: Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple. Under each category, we list the colors of each season, their names, photo illustration and serial number codes whenever available.  

Understanding Bottega Veneta Serial Numbers (Pre-2010)

Printed on a tiny white rectangular tag inside every Bottega Veneta bag is the serial number tag. One side of the tag is printed with the Bottega Veneta logo and has the words "MADE IN ITALY" underneath. The reverse side of the tag (all tags) is printed with 2 or 3 lines text in a clear block font. 

    Line two or Line two and three is the serial number.


Decoding the Code (Pre-2010):

For bags released before 2010, the tag offered a more detailed breakdown:

Two Lines:

  • Line 1: Style number, leather code, and color code.
  • Line 2: "EPEV" followed by the year of manufacture and lot number.


Building the Bottega Veneta Color Encyclopedia: A Work in Progress

Finding the perfect Bottega Veneta color can be tricky, with nuances that can be difficult to capture in photos. To bridge this gap, we've embarked on an ambitious project: creating a comprehensive "Bottega Veneta Color Encyclopedia."

Data Collection: A Multi-Faceted Approach

Our data collection involves two main sources:

    • Luxbags Curation: The list consists of the color codes associated with authentic Bottega Veneta bags that have passed through our hands. This provides a valuable foundation of verified colors.
    • Community Insights: We also leverage the expertise of the purseforum community. By analyzing color codes and descriptions mentioned in authentication posts, we can further refine our color data and capture the subtle variations that exist within each shade.

What to Expect from the Encyclopedia

This encyclopedia is still under development, but our vision is to create a user-friendly resource that empowers you to:

    • Match Colors with Confidence: Search for specific Bottega Veneta color codes and see high-quality photos of actual bags in those shades. This will allow you to compare the color to your preferences and make informed decisions.
    • Explore the Bottega Veneta Color Palette: Dive into the diverse world of Bottega Veneta colors. The encyclopedia will showcase the entire range, from timeless classics to limited-edition hues.
    • Identify Potential Color Mismatches: By comparing colors across different sources, we can help you identify potential inconsistencies. This can be particularly valuable when evaluating pre-owned bags online.

A Collaborative Effort

We believe the Bottega Veneta color encyclopedia will be a valuable resource for both enthusiasts and collectors. As the project progresses, we welcome contributions from the community. If you own a Bottega Veneta bag and have access to the color code, consider sharing it with us! This will help us expand the database and ensure its accuracy.


#Bottega veneta Color Guide



1000 Nero (Black)
4066 Black
8175 Black
Ferro A/W 2007
Nero Patent A/W 2007
Nero Patent Origami F/W 2007


Pre-Fall, Fall/Winter 2010
Titanium Spring/Summer 2011

Pre-Fall, Fall/Winter 2010


Matita Ponza Velour
2040 Milk Chocolate Brown
2072 Ebano (Milk Chocolate Brown)
Bark F/W 2008
Ash Scuro Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Tea Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Tea Rame Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Noce (hazelnut/walnut brown)

Chene (chestnut)

Resort/Cruise 2010-2011; also carried over to SS2011

2535 Marble
7810 Camel
Camel A/W 2007


7540 Copper
Bronzo F/W 2007

Brass in Karung 
F/W 2007
Copper Shiny Goat S/S 2009
Copper Armatura S/S 2009
Copper Grosgrain S/S 2009
Oxidized Copper S/S 2009
Metallic Mineral


2640 Beige S/S07
Ottone Cruise/Resort 2007-2008
Pergamena S/S 07
Limo S/S 07 (also some in F/W 07)
Aurora S/S 2008
Caramel S/S 2009


3660 Green
Resort/Cruise 2010-2011; also carried over to SS2011
Regent F/W 2007

S/S 2008
Absinthe S/S 2009
Mela Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Assenzio Resort/Cruise 2010-2011
Camp Spring/Summer 2011


Azure Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Azure Marble Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Profondo S/S 2008
Oceano Cruise/Resort 2007-2008
Resort/Cruise 2010-2011; also carried over to SS2011
Baltic F/W 2008
4261 Cobalt (Blue)
Spring/Summer 2011
4171 Navy
5009 Navy
5010 Purpleish Navy
Turbolence F/W 2008


Burnt Orange Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Burnt Orange Marble Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Orange Nubuck/Patent Resort 2006-72007


Resort/Cruise 2010-2011


6178 Burgundy
6305 Burgundy
Crimson Cruise/Resort 2008-2009
Gigolo Red
6308 Brick Red
6503 Brick Red
6504 Red
Carmino A/W 2007
Scala F/W 2007
Eclipse F/W 2008
Whiskey in shiny calf


Quarzo Resort 2006-2007
Magnolia S/S 07
Poudre (in cervo) S/S 07
 Toscana (2016)
Old Petra S/S 07
Parma Chevre (purple ottone) Cruise/Resort 2007-2008
Tornado S/S 2008


9340 Cream
Maple F/W 2008
Bianco (white) Spring/Summer Classic
Marmo S/S 2008 (in Nappa)
Marmo S/S 2008 (in Suede)


Resort/Cruise 2010-2011



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