Dior Authentication: Dior Date Code Explained

Dior Date Code is one thing that you should check when determining the authenticity of your Dior bag. However having a serial number doesn't guarantee the bag's authenticity. In this article we explain what it means and where to find it. 

What is Dior Date Code

Dior Date code is a sequence of digits and letters hidden inside the purse. Some people also call them ‘serial numbers’, while in fact they represent information on where and when an item was made. 

What do they look like and how to read them

Dior Date Code is a combination of digits, letters and dashes. The combination may vary on newer and vintage items. 

Here is the order of newer items and they are joined by dashes (most recent) or space:

  • 2 numbers
  • 2 letters
  • 4 numbers

On Vintage Dior handbags, the order is different and they are separated by space and the date code is shorter.

  • 2 letters
  • 4 numbers

How to read Dior Date Code

  • The letters indicate country of production. MA and BO are Italy, MC is Spain etc.
  • Last 4 digits indicate the month and the year when the bag was made. The first and third number indicate the month of manufacturing, the second and fourth number indicate the year.

In the example above, 01-BO-0129 means the bag was made in February of  2019 in Italy.

Where are the Dior Date Codes Located

Each Dior handbag has a leather tag inside with a heat stamp that says ‘Christian Dior PARIS made in Italy’. The tag generally has slightly rounded corners. For bigger bags and Lady Dior the tag is generally on the inside just below the opening.

On the opposite side of this tag there’s a sequence of digits and letters. That's the Dior date code.

However, for smaller bags such as mini Saddle, the date code is usually in the pocket. 


Counterfeiters know the importance of a serial number so nowadays the fake ones usually come with the Date Code. So having one doesn't guarantee the authenticity. Please contact professional authentication service whenever in doubt. 



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