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10 bags you need for your Halloween costumes

Halloween is the time to unleash your creativity and have fun with your costume choices. To make your Halloween look truly memorable, consider matching your character ensemble with the perfect handbag. In this blog, we'll explore some iconic Halloween characters and their corresponding costumes, complete with the ideal handbag to enhance the overall effect. Get ready to elevate your Halloween style!


10. Harley Quinn

haley quinn and dior saddle bag


Bring out your inner misfit with Harley Quinn's punk-inspired look. Red and black attire is a must, along with her signature makeup.

- Dior Saddle Bag (Black and Red Graffiti): Add a pop of graffiti to your ensemble with this edgy choice.

dior punk bag
Dior Saddle Bag Hardcore Punk Bag

- Dior Punk Bag: A sleek black leather bag with chains that exudes punk rock vibes.

dior punk bag
Dior Saddle Bag Punk Hardcore


- Embrace Harley's rebellious spirit with a graffiti-covered Balenciaga biker bag.

 balenciaga biker bag with graffitiBalenciaga Biker Bag with Graffiti


9. Poison Ivy

poison ivy and leafy fendi baguette bag

Embrace your eco-friendly villain side with Poison Ivy's costume, featuring green attire with leaf-like details. Choose a green Fendi sequin bag with sequins resembling leaves to complement your nature-themed look.

fendi baguette green sequins
Fendi Baguette Green Glitter Sequins


8. Catwoman

cat woman and belt bag

To all the cat women out there on the Halloween night, complete your all leather ensemble with a Chanel waist bag to keep your essentials handy as you prowl the night. After all, every catwoman needs to stay agile.

chanel belt bag
Chanel Black Leather Waist Pouch

Or opt for a shiny black Fendi Patent Leather Baguette to complete the leather outfit.


Fendi Baguette Black Patent Leather

7. Maleficent or Witch

Dress as a classic witch with a flowing black robe, pointed hat, and a broomstick. Enhance your witchy look with a Fendi Baguette featuring intricate bird embroidery.

 Fendi Baguette Black Beads with Bird Embroidery

6. Vampire 

Sink your teeth into the vampire look with a red or black velvet clutch bag to complete the eerie and sophisticated appearance.

Chanel Boy Medium Red Velvet bag


5. Victorian Bridgerton

To a big Bridgerton fan like myself, Victoria era is such itself as an fascinating period. Corsets aside, Victorian attire offers a wonderful choice for dressing up. Enhance your ensemble by adding a charming Victorian purse to complete the look. Look for silk and embroidery when shopping for victorial purse, adding an authentic touch to your ensemble.


Dior Saddle Mini Clutch Bag Silk with Beads


Go for a spooky Clown with this circus inspired Dior Saddle bag with Pompom.

Dior Saddle bag with pompom


3. Little Mermaid

This year we saw another Disney princess on the big screen in live-action. Her glittery outfit is as mesmerizing as her enchanting voice. The mermaid tail, purple bikini top, ginger locks, complete the look with a Fendi Baguette covered in glittering sequins to capture the sparkle of the ocean.


Fendi Baguette Circular Sequins


 2. M3gan Doll

Armed with the viral creepy dance, and instantly recognizable outfit, M3gan Doll is sure gonna be a hit at any Halloween party. The Prada Galleria bag, aka the Killer bag named after its appearance on Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol on the arm of spy Lea Seydoux, is the best choice for a killer doll.

Prada Galleria Bag Medium

1. Barbie

Being 2023's one of the most talked about film, the character Barbie is sure going to be the top Halloween costume of the year. Become the iconic Barbie doll with a pink ensemble, complete with a blonde wig. Keep it chic with a timeless Chanel Wallet on Chain to complete your Barbie transformation.

Chanel Wallet on Chain Pink Caviar Leather

This Halloween, take your character costume to the next level by choosing a matching handbag that complements your look. From Harley Quinn's punk edge to the elegance of Bridgerton, there's a style for everyone. Accessorize your costume with the perfect handbag to make a lasting impression at your Halloween events.
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