Complete Guide to The Goyard Saint Louis Tote (Size, Price, Mod Shot, Tips for Shopping secondhand)-Luxbags

Complete Guide to The Goyard Saint Louis Tote (Size, Price, Mod Shot, Tips for Shopping secondhand)

 Goyard's Saint Louis tote has been a coveted fashion item for its elegance, simplicity, and incredible durability. This iconic tote is perfect for everyday use, travel, and everything in between. When choosing your own Saint Louis, you'll have two main size options:

Goyard Saint Louis Tote (GM Left; PM Right)


Goyard Saint Louis Tote Sizes Dimensions (cm):  

Size  Height Base Width Depth Handle Drop Goyard Price

Resale Price


28 33 14 18 $1,690 $1,480
GM 33 39 18 20 $1,890 $1,580


The Saint Louis PM (Petite Modèle)


    Dimensions: Approximately 27 cm H x 34 cm W x 15 cm D

      Handle drop lengthApproximately 18 cm (7 inches).

        Ideal for: Everyday errands, carrying essentials, and anyone who prefers a slightly smaller, but still roomy tote.



        The Saint Louis GM (Grand Modèle)

          goyard gm dimensions

          Dimensions: Approximately 32 cm H x 39 cm W x 18 cm D
            Handle drop length: Approximately 20 cm (7.75 inches)
              Ideal for: Travel, beach days, carrying a laptop or work essentials, and those who need substantial carrying space. 





              Choosing the Right Size for You


              The best way to choose your perfect Saint Louis size is to consider your daily needs and lifestyle. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

              • How much do I usually carry? If you tend to carry just the essentials, the PM might be perfect. If you prefer more space for work necessities, a laptop, or like the idea of using it for overnight trips, then the GM is a better choice.
              • What's my personal style? The PM has a slightly more compact and chic look, while the GM offers a bolder, an XXL presence.
              • Consider your height: Some people feel the larger GM size can overwhelm a smaller frame, whereas the PM looks more balanced.
              • Consider the handle drop length: Some may find the handle on PM too short. If the handle drop length is crucial to your decision, it might be best to consider visiting a Goyard store to try on the bags yourself or reach out to customer service for clarification.


              Choosing Your Favorite Color 

              Goyard Saint Louis Tote comes with a rainbow of 11 electrifying colors. Go safe by choosing the black/grey/brown/white for a versatile tote that goes with any outfit. Or go bold and fun by opting the colorful version. Better still invest in more than one colors to have one for each mood. 

               goyard saint louis tote complete colors

              Source: Bagaholic


              The Benefits of a Goyard Saint Louis Tote

              Regardless of the size you choose, both the PM and GM share some amazing characteristics:

              • Superb craftsmanship: Goyardine canvas is known for its durability and water resistance.
              • Lightweight: Despite its size, the tote is amazingly lightweight, making it easy to carry all day.
              • Reversible: Change the look by reversing the tote to display a natural linen interior.
              • Includes a pouch: An attached pouch is perfect for organizing smaller essentials.



              Tips for Shopping Secondhand

              Look for signs of wear around the corners and handles. The coated canvas on corners may be scuffed to reveal the white canvas underneath. The leather on the handles may crack with use or from carrying too much weight. The canvas interior can have stains or turn slightly yellow with time. 


              Goyard Corner Showing Signs of Wear 

              Goyard Handle Showing Cracks on the Leather

              Goyard Interior with Stains

              A Tote for a Lifetime

              Investing in a Goyard Saint Louis tote is truly adding a timeless piece to your wardrobe. With proper care, it can last for years, making it a worthwhile investment.

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