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Hermès Date Stamps and Year Table and Where to Locate Them

Cracking the Code: Understanding Hermès Date Stamps

Hermès bags are coveted for their luxury, quality, and timeless style. But if you're considering buying a pre-owned Hermès piece, understanding the year your Hermès bag is manufactured could be one of the most important piece of research you need to do. As the year of production can greatly affect the price, with more recent pieces fetching a more hefty price. 

Hermès Blind Stamps: A Discreet Mark of History

Hermès employs "blind stamps" – subtle markings embossed on the leather – to indicate the year of manufacture. These stamps are often hidden inside pockets, straps, or under flaps, ensuring a clean, unblemished exterior.

Decoding the Alphabet Soup: A Look at Hermès Date Code Formats

Hermès uses single letters in alphabetical order to represent production years. However, to accommodate more than 26 years, the system incorporates shapes:

  • 1945 to 1970: No shapes were used. Just a lone letter!
  • 1971 to 1996: The letter appeared within a circle.
  • 1997 to 2014: The letter was framed by a square.
  • 2015 onwards: Hermès returned to a simpler format, using just the letter again.

    Beyond the Date: Artisan Stamps

    The date stamp is usually accompanied by another stamp – the artisan's stamp. This identifies the craftsperson who meticulously crafted your Hermès good. 

    Sometimes the Hermès bag can have more than one artisan stamp, if it has been worked on by more than one craftsman like being repaired at a later date. 



    Where to Locate the Stamps



    Look under the left strap (pre-2016) or on the interior left side near the back flap (post-2016).

    hermes birkin stamp location


    • Pre-2016 Kelly Bags: Look under the left strap.
    • Post-2016 Kelly Bags (except Kelly 20cm): Look on the interior left side near the back flap.
    • Kelly 25cm: Check the vertical stamp on the rear pocket.


    Hermes kelly stamp location




    • The stamp might be on an interior panel.
    Hermes constance stamp location


  • Mini Bolide: For these smaller Bolide versions, especially those produced recently, the stamp is most likely found on the interior pocket.
  • Larger Bolide Bags: On some larger Bolide styles, the stamp might be hidden on an interior panel near a seam,similar to the Garden Party or Herbag.


    hermes bolide stamp location


    This crossbody bag can be a little more challenging. The stamp might be tucked discreetly on an interior panel near the base or under the front flap close to the closure.

    Hermes evelyne stamp location


    Garden Party

    This casual tote typically has the stamp hidden on an interior panel, often near a seam.

    hermes garden party stamp location


    The stamp on this canvas tote is usually located on an interior panel near a seam, similar to the Garden Party.

    hermes herbag stamp location


    This versatile bag often has the stamp on an interior panel close to a side seam, or it could be placed under the front flapnear the clasp.

    Hermes lindy stamp location


    The cute bucket bag can be a bit tricky. The stamp might be tucked away on a small, interior leather panel near the top closure or base.

    hermes picotin stamp location


    Small Leather Goods

    • Interior

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